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STiBNite ESRs: Outreach Presentation during Valencia School

STiBNite ESRs, represented by ESR 10 Sanchari, ESR 11 Carolina, ESR 12 Veronika and ESR 14 Miquel, presented the topics and aims of the STiBNite project in front of high-school students, on the 22nd of November, 2023. The activity took place in Valencia (AIMPLAS), during the 4th STiBNite school. At the end of the presentation, the students had the opportunity to see some prototypes produced within the project.

ESR 5 Sergi Campos Oral presentation at AVS69

ESR 5 Sergi Campos Jara from Leiden University has presented the advances of his research with an oral presentation titled ”Bandgap Modulation of Graphene doped with Boron Nitride” at the 69th edition of the American Vacuum Society (AVS69). This event was held in Portland, Oregon (United States) on November 5th-10th 2023.

STiBNite 4th School in Valencia

We are excited to announce the 4th STiBNite School, organized with a joint effort by the Technical University of Munich and AIMPLAS. It will be held on the 22nd and 23rd of November 2023 in Valencia, Spain. Find all the details on the program of the school:

ESR 14 Miquel product exhibition at Lubricant Expo 2023

ESR 14 Miquel García Lleó has participated to the Lubricant Expo 2023, representing GXT, company where he is pursuing his PhD. He showcased products based on 2D-materials as additives for lubricant oils. His participation showed how academic research can reach industry expectations. The product exhibition was held in Essen, Germany, on September 26th – 28th 2023.

ESR 5 Sergi Campos Oral presentation at ECOSS 36

ESR 5 Sergi Campos Jara from Leiden University has presented the advances of his research with an oral presentation titled ”Bandgap Modulation of Boron Nitride-doped Graphene” at the 36th edition of the European Conference of Surface Science (ECOSS 36). This event was held in Łódź, Poland, on August 27th-September 1st 2023.

ESR 1 and 2 Marco and Martina poster presentation at IMeBoron 17

ESR 1 Marco and ESR 2 Martina from University of Vienna have presented their latest scientific results with a poster, during the 17th International Meeting on Boron Chemistry (IMeBoron 17). The conference was held in Rennes, France on July 9th – 13th 2023. Martina was also awarded the “Best poster” prize for her poster “peri-Acenoacene Ribbons with Zigzag BN-doped Peripheries”.

ESR 14 Miquel poster presentation at DoSChem International Student Symposium 2023

ESR 14 Miquel García Lleó from GXT has presented his work with a poster titled “Development of Bonding Agent-Free 2D Graphene Analogues: an Investigation of the Morphology and Thermal Conductivity Properties” during the 3rd DoSChem International Student Symposium. The annual symposium was held and organized by the PhD students of the Faculty of Chemistry, University of Vienna, Austria, on July 6th – 7th 2023.

TUMCS Open Door Day

On Sunday 18th of June, TUMCS had its “Open Door Day”.  STiBNite ESR Luca, together with his colleagues from other European projects, enjoyed hosting the “hands on science” stand. There, both adults and children could learn about the research advances in STiBNite, ARTIBLED, Heat-BLED and InOutBioLight European projects.

Dendri-LEC Family: Establishing the Bright Future for Dendrimer Emitters in Traditional and Graphene-Based Light-Emitting Electrochemical Cells

In this research paper, STiBNite ESRs 9 and 13 present the implementation of dendrimers as emitters in light-emitting electrochemical cells (LECs), which offers low-cost synthesis, easy upscaling, and comparable stabilities to state-of-the-art emitters. The molecular design focuses on exchanging peripheral substituents to tune photophysical and electrochemical features, leading to enhanced stability and ion conductivity, and excellent compatibility with biogenic electrolytes, even with graphene-based devices. This work establishes a bright future for dendrimers as sustainable lighting sources. The full paper can be found here.

Dual-Phosphorescent Heteroleptic Silver(I) Complex in Long-Lasting Red Light-Emitting Electrochemical Cells

In this research paper, STiBNite ESR 9 contributes to a thoughtful ligand/complex design strategy towards the first red-emitting Ag(I) complex, [Ag(xantphos)(deebq)]PF6, featuring (i) outstanding stabilities upon reduction and (ii) thermally equilibrated dual-phosphorescence. This achievement resulted in red light-emitting electrochemical cells with superior stabilities and irradiances compared to the prior art. The full paper can be found here.