ESR 11 Carolina: Introduction to XPS

In this video, ESR 11 Carolina (RUG) explains the principles of X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS), state-of-art characterization technique in surface science. Carolina’s research goal is the on-surface synthesis of BN-doped…

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ESR 7 Diego: Photolithography

In this short video, ESR 7 Diego Jaramillo (UCLouvain) explains the basics of photolithography. Diego is working on the integration of BNC materials into electronic devices, and photolithography represents one…

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ESR 12 Veronika: Photoluminescence

In this short video, ESR 12 Veronika Kost (UNITS) explains the basics of photoluminescence. Veronika is working on the synthesis of luminescent Boron and Nitrogen doped Graphene Quantum Dots. Part of…

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