Carolina M. Ibarra – ESR 11


Carolina M. Ibarra – ESR 11 @RUG

Carolina M. Ibarra was born in 1996 in Ecuador. She obtained her degree as Nanotechnology Engineer with honors at Yachay Tech University in Ecuador in 2020. During her degree, she performed different research projects involving nanomaterials such as graphene, MWCNTs including doping process with metals and surface functionalization with OH groups, SWCNTS, composites films with polymers as chitosan, and nanomagnetic particles. Besides, her main background is related to spectroscopic techniques for nanomaterial characterization such as XPS, Raman, STM, TEM, SEM, Uv-Vis and FTIR. Her PhD program is about BNC architectures on metal and insulator surfaces from self-assembled monolayers through photopolymerization and thermal conversion