Veronika Kost – ESR 12


Veronika Kost – ESR 12 @UNITS

Veronika Kost completed her Master’s degree at RUDN University (Moscow, Russia), where she was working on a grant research project in nanotechnology for energy and environmental applications. The research activities focused on the synthesis of nanostructured perovskite catalysts, their physicochemical characterization and testing their activity in dry reforming of methane and Fischer-Tropsch synthesis.
While studying in Master course she gained an experience as a lab assistant in the preparation of laboratory equipment and reagents, assistance to the teaching staff in carrying out practical work on physical and colloidal chemistry.
For the last 3 years Veronika has been a volunteer in an educational project “Be free to dream” aimed to help orphans and children faced with difficult life situations. In the framework of this project, she carried out classes and workshops in chemistry.