Posts for : May 2022

ESR 2 Martina poster presentation at DoSChem Retreat

ESR 2 Martina Crosta from the University of Vienna has presented her work with a poster titled “Periperally BN-doped Nanoribbons via N-directed Borylation” during the annual Doctoral School of Chemistry (DoSChem) Panel C retreat. The event was held in Frankenfels, Lower Austria, Austria, on May 12th-14th 2022.

ESR 1 Marco oral presentation at DoSChem retreat

ESR 1 Marco Franceschini from the University of Vienna has presented his work within the STiBNite project during the annual Doctoral School of Chemistry (DoSChem) Panel C retreat in Frankenfels, Lower Austria, Austria (May 12th-14th 2022), with a presentation called “Molecular Ribbons with Zig-Zag BN-doped Peripheries”.

ESR 6 Laura poster presentation at HOWDI meeting 2022

ESR 6 Laura Caputo from the University of Louvain has presented her work during the 2022 HOWDI annual meeting, held in Dourdan, France (9th-13th May 2022). The poster “First-principles Study of the Structural and Electronic Properties of BNC Nanomaterials” was presented on May 10th and showed her results as part of the STiBNite project.

ESR 5 Sergi poster presentation at NCCC

ESR 5 Sergi Campos Jara from Leiden University has presented the advances of his research with a poster titled ”Synthesis & Characterization of BN Doped Graphene on Cu(111) Thin Film and Single Crystal” at the annual The Netherlands’ Catalysis and Chemistry Conference. This event was held in Noordwijk, The Netherlands, on May 9th-11th 2022.

Merging Biology and Photovoltaics: How Nature Helps Sun-Catching

In this review, STiBNite ESR Luca Cavinato (TUM) presents an extensive overview of emerging bio-derived materials suitable for organic solar cells, dye-sensitized solar cells and perovskite solar cells. Their production, handling, characterization, and implementation as bio-hybrid components, such as substrates, electrodes, photoactive layers, carrier transporters, light-trapping layers and sealant films, are critically discussed. The full paper can be found here.