Posts for : November 2022

peri-Acenoacene Ribbons with Zigzag BN-Doped Peripheries

In this research paper, STiBNite ESRs Marco Franceschini and Martina Crosta (UNIVIE) present the synthesis and the properties of a series of BN-doped molecular ribbons. The BN-graphenoids in this study show systematic red-shift of their UV−vis absorption and emission spectra, as well as a decrease in their oxidation potential, upon elongation of the fused aromatic backbone. In addition, the ribbons’ emission shows a Thermally-Activated Delayed Fluorescence (TADF) component. All these properties are highly desirable features to engineer p-type organic semiconductors. The full paper can be found here.

ESR 11 Carolina: Introduction to XPS

In this video, ESR 11 Carolina (RUG) explains the principles of X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS), state-of-art characterization technique in surface science. Carolina’s research goal is the on-surface synthesis of BN-doped graphene through photopolimerization and thermal conversion of BNC precursors. XPS is the analytical technique accurate for surface characterization and suitable for all type of synthetic steps.