Category: Outreach

STiBNite ESRs: Outreach Presentation during Perugia School

STiBNite ESRs, represented by ESR 4 Sumon, ESR 6 Laura and ESR 14 Miquel, presented the topics and aims of the STiBNite project in front of high-school students, on the 22nd of February, 2023. The activity took place in Perugia (Sala dei Notari), during the 3rd STiBNite school. At the end of the presentation, the students had the opportunity to see some prototypes produced within the project.

ESR 6 Laura: Theoretical Chemistry

In this video, ESR 6 Laura (UCLouvain) describes why Theoretical Chemistry is an important tool in research, both to predict and rationalize properties of future materials. Laura’s role in STiBNite project is to support and direct, with computational simulations, experimental scientists on the design and synthesis of new molecules, and to predict the properties of not-yet-existing BN-doped materials.

STiBNite: project goals and PhD training

In this short interview, recorded during the STiBNite consortium meeting in Munich (September 2021), STiBNite coordinator Prof. Davide Bonifazi (UNIVIE), explains the goal of the project and the importance of an international experience in the PhD. The STiBNite project trains 15 PhD students while working towards the development of a new generation of semiconductors, based on renewable organic materials doped with Boron and Nitrogen, for application in electronic devices such as displays, solar cells and transistors.

ESR 11 Carolina: Introduction to XPS

In this video, ESR 11 Carolina (RUG) explains the principles of X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS), state-of-art characterization technique in surface science. Carolina’s research goal is the on-surface synthesis of BN-doped graphene through photopolimerization and thermal conversion of BNC precursors. XPS is the analytical technique accurate for surface characterization and suitable for all type of synthetic steps.

ESR 7 Diego: Photolithography

In this short video, ESR 7 Diego Jaramillo (UCLouvain) explains the basics of photolithography. Diego is working on the integration of BNC materials into electronic devices, and photolithography represents one of the possible techniques that can be used to build such architectures.

ESR 14 Miquel: PhD in industry

In this video, ESR 14 Miquel Garcia Lleo (GXT) explains what it means to pursue a PhD in industry. Miquel is working on the preparation of Boron-Nitrogen-Carbon bulk materials, for coating applications, at GXT, company based in Bologna, Italy.

ESR 1 and ESR 2: KinderUni outreach activity

ESR 1 Marco Franceschini and ESR 2 Martina Crosta participated in a “KinderUni” outreach activity, for kids aged between 7 and 12 years, organized at the University of Vienna by Bonifazi group on the 21st of July, 2022. The topic was chemistry of colors, and the kinds performed different experiments (red cabbage pH indicator, thermochromic slime and ink chromatography). They also received a guide to repeat these experiments at home.

ESR 12 Veronika: Photoluminescence

In this short video, ESR 12 Veronika Kost (UNITS) explains the basics of photoluminescence. Veronika is working on the synthesis of luminescent Boron and Nitrogen doped Graphene Quantum Dots. Part of Veronika’s research consists in the study of their photoluminescent behaviour.